From rocks to icebergs, the natural world tends to break into cubes

Perhaps the Cubists were right. Researchers have found that when everything from icebergs to rocks breaks apart, their pieces tend to resemble cubes. The finding suggests a universal rule of fragmentation at scales ranging from the microscopic to the planetary. 也许立体主义者是对的。研究人员发现,当他们发现的每一块冰山都像冰块一样破裂时……Read More

China’s successful launch of Mars mission seals global era in deep-space exploration

中国成功发射火星飞行器标志着全球深空探索的时代来临 Tianwen-1 is the second of three spacecraft set to take off this month for the red planet. 天问一号是本月为这颗红色星球发射的三架航天器中的第二架。 Tianwen-1 is scheduled to arrive at Mars in February. A Chinese spacecraft is on its way to Mars after launching successfully from Hainan Island in southe……Read More

Solar Orbiter: Closest ever pictures taken of the Sun

太阳轨道探测器:有史以来最接近太阳的照片 The arrow points to a “camp fire”. The circle at bottom-left gives an indication of size 箭头指向“篝火”。 左下角的圆圈表示尺寸 New pictures of the Sun taken just 77 million km (48 million miles) from its surface are the closest ever acquired by cameras. 新拍摄的太阳照片距离太阳表面只有7700万公里(4800万英……Read More

New video format ‘halves data use of 4K and 8K TVs’

新的视频格式“将4K和8K电视的数据使用量减少一半” Although 8K televisions are becoming more common, there is currently little content available in that resolution 尽管8K电视正变得越来越普遍,但目前该分辨率的内容很少 A new video-encoding technology that promises to cut data use by at least half has been announced, after three years of talks involv……Read More

Street traders losing ‘right to shade’ under trees

街头商贩失去树下“荫蔽权” The daytime temperatures in Hyderabad can exceed 40C (100F), making shade from trees essential 海得拉巴的白天温度可能超过40°C(100°F),因此树木遮荫必不可少 Street vendors are being denied the “right to shade” under street trees in Hyderabad, India, a study suggests. 一项研究表明,在印度海得拉巴的街头树木下,街头小贩被剥夺了“遮荫……Read More

Botswana Investigates Mystery Deaths of At Least 275 Elephants

博茨瓦纳调查至少275头大象的神秘死亡 A dead elephant is seen in this undated handout image in Okavango Delta, Botswana, May-June 2020. 2020年5月至6月,博茨瓦纳奥卡万戈三角洲,一头死大象出现在这张未注明日期的讲义图片上。 GABORONE – Botswana is investigating a growing number of unexplained deaths of elephants, having confirmed 275 had died, up from 1……Read More

Coronavirus: How much does your boss need to know about you?

冠状病毒:你的老板需要了解你多少? Ford is using thermal scanning to check workers’ temperatures before they enter company sites 福特公司正在使用热扫描技术在工人进入公司工地前检查他们的体温 As more people start to return to their workplaces, many employers are introducing new ways to check up on their staff, from thermal scanners to wristb……Read More

Lesson2 Part4

Liquefaction Coal can also be converted into liquid fuels like gasoline or diesel by several different processes. 煤还可以通过几种不同的方式转化为汽油柴油等液体燃料。 The Fischer-Tropsch process of indirect synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons was used in Nazi Germany for many years and is today used by Sasol in South Africa. 间接……Read More

Coronavirus: Immunity may be more widespread than tests suggest

冠状病毒:免疫力可能比测试的所表明的更加广泛 People testing negative for coronavirus antibodies may still have some immunity, a study has suggested. 研究表明,对冠状病毒抗体检测呈阴性的人可能仍具有一定的免疫力。 For every person testing positive for antibodies, two were found to have specific T-cells which identify and destroy infected cells. 对于每个抗体检测……Read More

Lesson2 Part3

Metallurgic coke is used as a fuel and as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. Coke from coal is grey, hard and porous, and has a heating value of 29.6 MJ/kg. 冶金焦在高炉炼铁时用作燃料和还原剂。煤制焦炭呈灰色、坚硬、多孔,热值为29.6MJ/Kg。 Byproducts of this conversion of coal to coke include coal tar, ammonia, l……Read More