Lesson1 Part2

Ores are also classified by the nature of their gangues, such as calcareous or basic (lime rich), or siliceous, or acidic (silica rich). 矿石还根据脉石的性质进行分类,例如钙质或碱性(富含石灰),硅质或酸性(富含二氧化硅)。 The minimum metal content required for a deposit to qualify as an ore varies from metal to metal. 矿床符合矿石的最低金属含量因金属而异。 M……Read More

Nasa’s 2020 rover: Can we finally answer the big question about Mars?

美国国家航空航天局(NASA)火星探测车:我们终于可以回答有关火星的大问题了吗? Nasa Perseverance Mars rover Exactly a year from now, a capsule will come hurtling through the atmosphere of Mars with the Americans’ next big rover. If it survives the “seven minutes of terror” that describe its descent to the surface, the ……Read More

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Metallic Ores An ore can be described briefly as an accumulation of mineral in sufficient quantity as to be capable of economic extraction. 一个矿石可以简单地描述为一个足够数量的、能够经济开采的矿藏。 This establishes the market price of the metal as a critical criterion in the definition, and this will vary according to the com……Read More

Boeing set for critical 737 Max flight tests

波音公司为737Max安排严格的测试 28 June 2020 Keywords: Ethiopian Airlines crash 关键词:埃塞俄比亚航空公司坠机 图 1 All Boeing 737 Max planes are grounded 所有的波音737Max飞机均已停飞 Boeing’s bid to see its 737 Max return to the skies faces a pivotal week with flight safety tests expected to begin. 波音公司希望看到其737Max重返天空正面临关键一周预计飞行安全性……Read More